Feeding Jesus

Posted in Christian Living, Church Life, The Bible Says..., Thinking Theologically on December 14th, 2014 by (724 views)
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On the second Friday of every month for the past 5 years, a group from our church has cooked dinner and shared it with the men and women who live at Union Station Homeless Services.  This Friday was one of those nights. The interaction I had with one of the women from the shelter was […]

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Stories to Tell

Posted in Church Life on February 3rd, 2011 by (1,022 views)
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This past Sunday, CC Thomas started up a conversation group we are calling Stories to Tell. We started the group because CC loves to tell of “God’s mighty kindness and love,” and believes that all of us could benefit from sharing with each other stories of our own encounters and experiences of God’s kindness and […]

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35 cents and a Little Guilt

Posted in Christian Living, The Bible Says... on November 5th, 2010 by (2,194 views)
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He asked for 35 cents. I told him sorry I didn’t have 35 cents, which was true because all I had on me was a twenty. Without hesitation he said, “Then I won’t come to your church.” This was an obvious ploy, an attempt to elicit some Christian guilt. I told him I was sorry and went in to purchase my drink. I broke my twenty, gave him a dollar and an invitation and information about our upcoming Thanksgiving dinner. He won, I lost.

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Waiting for God?

Posted in Christian Living on May 10th, 2010 by (1,123 views)
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“Most of us use, ‘I’m waiting for God to reveal His calling on my life,’ as a means of avoiding action. Did you hear God calling you to sit in front of the television yesterday? Or to go on your last vacation? Or exercise this morning? Probably not, but you still did it.” -Francis Chan […]

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Dear Bethany Chapel

Posted in Christian Living on April 5th, 2010 by (1,023 views)
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On Easter Sunday, I shared with you all a letter I wrote to a church I attended my senior of college up in the suburbs of Chicago. God used Bethany Chapel during a season of serious doubt in my faith to bring me back to him. I thought I’d post that letter here now that […]

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