35 cents and a Little Guilt

Posted in Christian Living, The Bible Says... on November 5th, 2010 by (2,194 views)
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He asked for 35 cents. I told him sorry I didn’t have 35 cents, which was true because all I had on me was a twenty. Without hesitation he said, “Then I won’t come to your church.” This was an obvious ploy, an attempt to elicit some Christian guilt. I told him I was sorry and went in to purchase my drink. I broke my twenty, gave him a dollar and an invitation and information about our upcoming Thanksgiving dinner. He won, I lost.

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International Potluck

Posted in Church Life on September 28th, 2010 by (1,164 views)
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I am so looking forward to the International Potluck this Sunday. I like seeing what everyone brings from their ethnic or regional background. We are such a diverse church and enjoy a variety of different kinds of food. I hope you will bring something that represents your ethnicity or cultural region. The Callender family will […]

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Dear Bethany Chapel

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On Easter Sunday, I shared with you all a letter I wrote to a church I attended my senior of college up in the suburbs of Chicago. God used Bethany Chapel during a season of serious doubt in my faith to bring me back to him. I thought I’d post that letter here now that […]

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The Church is Still Producing Hospitable People

Posted in Christian Living, Church Life on July 17th, 2009 by (1,525 views)
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In less than two weeks, Pastor James and I will be heading to Indianapolis for the General Assembly meeting of the denomination. The denomination has reserved hundreds of hotel rooms that go for about $120 per night. We can’t afford that. The church can’t afford that. So I contacted an old friend who lives near […]

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