Overthinking The Three Little Pigs

Notes from my second sermon ever delivered (2007). How you all sit through this I’m not sure! :)

If you find that in your life you are not surviving the crashing winds of life and temptation, but you are trying hard to fight against them, let me say that maybe the issue is not your effort, but your material. The first two pigs could have tried as hard as they wanted to build a bigger and better house of straw, but it would never hold up to the wolf. The pigs would need new material to keep the wolf out.

So the same goes with us. We can keep trying harder to survive the temptations to live outside of God’s ways as revealed in Jesus, but if we are employing the methods and advice of our society, we will never attain it.

As great as the story of The Three Little Pigs is, its self-stated moral is a lie. It says that simply trying harder to do one’s best will make you survive the wolves of life. The real moral of the story is that trying harder when you’re using the wrong technique or perspective wears you out or makes you more susceptible.

Too many of us are worn out, and we still believe we just need to try harder. Jesus says it’s about building a right foundation.

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2 Comments to “Overthinking The Three Little Pigs”

  1. Linda Newman Says:

    The story of the 3 little pigs is NOT a story in which they wanted to build a bigger, better house of straw or sticks, of any kind. The story you posted is a little bit different of a version than The Little Golden Book version. In that one, it was clearly stated that the first 2 pigs were lazy and put very little effort into their houses. They were more interested in doing a quick job so they could go off to play and have a good time. The 3rd little pig listened to his mother and took it seriously.

    It’s about those 2 pigs building their house on sand…not rock. Little or no effort brings few or no rewards.This is about as biblical as it gets.The story is about putting your time and effort into doing the job right so the end results will be for the pigs’ protection. The 3rd little pig understood this.

    We all get tired.So did Jesus. I’m sure the 3rd pig was tired. But it’s the constant reminder of the house built with brick (or rock) that stands the test of time (and the big bad wolf)

    I hope this is helpful and was done during my limited amount of time during work hours. haha

    In our battle for salvation’s sake, we must build our house on rock or the big, bad wolf will be at our door to rip it down.

  2. Stephen Callender Says:

    @ Linda Newman – I like The Little Golden Book version a lot. It is probably the most familiar version today. I like that it has the second and third pigs being hospitable no matter how poorly the other pigs worked or built their houses. Sounds like how God is with us and how God wants us to be to others. Thanks for pointing that out.

    One of the original versions, by Joseph Jacobs (read it here), however, doesn’t mention the first pigs being lazy. They simply use material insufficient for the task of holding up to the powerful lungs of a wolf. That’s what I was working on. Sometimes we can try, try, try, but its the fact that WE are the ones trying and that we don’t let God work in our lives that we keep struggling with sin. Jesus certainly became physically and spiritually tired (Garden of Gethsemane), but he never tired from sin. And I believe that Jesus wants us to find rest in Him, learning how to live more holy lives, but knowing that he’s built a house for us. He is the third little pig, so-to-speak. That’s both here now and eternally!! Amazing stuff.

    I love your last line!! Thanks for sharing.

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