A Typical Sunday for a Child at SPCC

If your child came on a Sunday morning we have lots of things for them to be involved in. Here is a short description of what you and your child can expect.

Church Service - 10:00-11:30am


Our nursery is staffed  by a loving woman with 10 years experience, a backgroud check, and training in CPR and first aid. Childcare is provided from 9:00AM-12 each Sunday.

Begin together

During the service we encourage the children to be a part of the time when we sing praises to God as part of the larger family of God. Then, after we have finished singing as a church family, we have a special “children’s moment,” where the children are invited to the front of the sanctuary to hear a special message just for them from one of the adults in our congregation.

Following the children’s moment children are encouraged to participate in either Junior Church or Children's Church.

Junior Church (ages 6-11)

Older school age children meet for a more focused and interactive time of Bible lessons with activities. This class meets upstairs in the third room. The children rejoin the congregation just before Communion is celebrated so that they can participate with their families.

Children's Church (ages 3-6)

Children's Church is intended to give children their own time of learning about God in a setting where they can be themselves and have fun. Of course, your child is welcome to stay with you during the service.

Overlapping ages

You may have noticed that the ages overlapped between each group. We do this because we want each child to be ready emotionally and developmentally to move up to the next class. We let parents decide which class is best for their child.


If you have any questions feel free to email Pastor Darrell at or simply come by and see what a Sunday as part of our family is like.