Lives that point to Jesus

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As I type this Saturday night, I’m excited for John Huddle of Team World Vision to come and preach at our church tomorrow. Tonight in our Alpha course, among other things, we talked about the question, “Why and how should I share my faith with others?” The talk gave many good reasons. Jesus told us […]

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Beyond giving up chocolate – Some paths to Spiritual Growth during Lent

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Unlike many of the members of my church congregation, I did grow up observing Lent, since that is part of the Presbyterian tradition where I was raised in the faith.  At my church, around this time of year, we talked about what we could “give up” for Lent.   One year when I was a […]

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Stay Home Black Friday

Posted in Christian Living, Thinking Theologically on November 20th, 2012 by (1,107 views)
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One of the oldest tricks in the book is to offer something for a reduced price for a limited time.  The reduced price grabs your interest, you say, “I’d like a new T.V. but they’re out of my price range;” the reduced or sale price brings it in just a little closer. And then there […]

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The Word with Others

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Last Wednesday at Bible study we discussed the parable of the wineskins (Luke 5:36-39).  In wrestling with this difficult and confusing parable we came up with a few different interpretations.  Now some of them were closer to the text than others, but each was a faithful interpretation of the passage based on the gospel, and […]

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My Churchy Life: A Sermon Tangent

Posted in Christian Living, Sermon Snippets on February 10th, 2011 by (1,457 views)
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Over the past two Sundays we’ve read from Isaiah 1 and 58. The idea in both is similar: God is not satisfied with the His people’s lives outside of their “churchy” life. We have much to learn from their mistakes. Here is a snippet from the sermon on Feb 6, 2011. They live their lives […]

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