Change of Plans

A couple of weeks ago, I (Pastor James) spoke to the congregation about the decision of those planning a mission trip to Guatemala to change our destination to New Mexico to serve with World Vision. For those who didn’t quite catch everything or weren’t present that Sunday, let me share again our reasoning for the change.

For the past month or so we have been talking about going on a mission trip with the youth and young adults of our church to Guatemala this summer, and we have held pizza fund-raisers and recently asked you to pledge money to help us go. However, after talking with our parents about the current state of Guatemala, including violence and gang activity, we decided that at this time it would be unwise to take our youth there. This is not the first set back we have experienced in planning a mission trip, a first for our church in a long time, and so we decided rather than trying to force the issue we would seek another destination in which we could safely take our youth and young adults to allow them to minister and share the love of Christ through serving others.

Praise God, there is actually a mission trip opportunity through the organization World Vision serving on a Native American reservation in New Mexico, and we have been invited to come and minister with them. The goal of the trip to Guatemala was to provide the youth and young adults a chance to see what God is doing among one of the many neediest populations in the world. We’re simply moving from one population to another. The need is just as great and the purpose is just as important.

In New Mexico, we will serve by helping build and convert buildings to serve as a Christian training and resource center for the Native American population, which is one of the poorest in the nation. We still need your support to take our youth and young adults on this trip. A benefit of going to New Mexico instead of Guatemala is that the trip will cost around $5000 as opposed to $15000. Though New Mexico doesn’t sound as exciting as Guatemala, we are still excited about the opportunity to serve. This is what God has called us to do: serve. And we still need your prayers and financial assistance. We have to back out of Guatemala, but we are not backing out of teaching our youth and young adults. In fact, we hope that more of them will be able to come to New Mexico with us.

If you recently pledged money and want to ask more questions or change the amount you pledged, please feel free to contact me at  Thank you for your support both thus far and in the future to allow us to bless others through serving Christ.

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