Politics and Idolatry

Posted in Church Life, Thinking Theologically on September 22nd, 2009 by (1,202 views)
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Idolatry is on my mind. In a few weeks, I’ll begin a small group study about idolatry. Specifically, we’ll be talking about the various forms of idolatry that are paraded around in terms such as liberalism, conservatism, nationalism, democracy, and socialism. It seems that many Christians have bought into the political battle of ideologies and forgotten how to speak and think like Christians.

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Is this what I signed up for?

Posted in Christian Living on September 18th, 2009 by (964 views)
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I think many times we want our faith to be a natural and spontaneous response to how great we feel, particularly in relation to God. Problem is we often end up either ignoring God if things are good or complaining to God in frustration when things don’t go our way. However, one word that has […]

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