Love Beats the KKK

Posted in Christian Living on August 29th, 2009 by (1,444 views)
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We’ve talked a lot about Jesus’ call for his followers to love their enemies and not return violence for violence. Here’s a video that talks about “how one old black man defeated the entire Ku Klux Klan.” The powers of Christ-like love are real.

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What Will We Sing?

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I know a lot of hymns for someone my age. When I went to church as a kid we always sang hymns. One summer, just after graduating from high school, I served as a domestic missionary to South Carolina. Part of my work included going to a senior living center to sing hymns and lead a […]

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I Love Material Things

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I love material things. I really do. I want the latest gadgets. I want all the tools and equipment. I’m not really a person who likes to borrow. I want it myself. I once wanted an avocado slicer, so guess what, I got an avocado slicer. I’ve got a soccer ball, a basketball, a baseball, […]

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