Why We Observe Ash Wednesday

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So, why have I had us observe Ash Wednesday (and Lent) the past several years? The short answer is because we need a day like Ash Wednesday. We need a day that forces us to examine ourselves before God. We need a day that forces us to remember that we are dearly loved creations of God, but nothing more. We are not gods. We are made, created, and given life by the Maker, Creator, and Giver of Life. We need a day to hear God say, “Remember, O man, that you are dust, and unto dust you shall return” (Genesis 3:19). This is why we have ashes smudged onto our foreheads. We need it.

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My Churchy Life: A Sermon Tangent

Posted in Christian Living, Sermon Snippets on February 10th, 2011 by (1,485 views)
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Over the past two Sundays we’ve read from Isaiah 1 and 58. The idea in both is similar: God is not satisfied with the His people’s lives outside of their “churchy” life. We have much to learn from their mistakes. Here is a snippet from the sermon on Feb 6, 2011. They live their lives […]

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Stories to Tell

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This past Sunday, CC Thomas started up a conversation group we are calling Stories to Tell. We started the group because CC loves to tell of “God’s mighty kindness and love,” and believes that all of us could benefit from sharing with each other stories of our own encounters and experiences of God’s kindness and […]

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“I’m a human being.”

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And then one of the guys said, “It’s so great how your group relates to us. Like you want to talk with us and get to know us and make us feel like we matter. It just makes me feel like– oh yeah, I’m a human being.”

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Good Neighbor Idea #1

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Idea #1: Use your roadside assistance benefits (AAA or through your insurance) to help out a stranded driver. Many times we simply drive by stranded drivers thinking someone else will help or they have help on the way, or because we don’t even think about helping. But try slowing down, rolling down your window and asking if they need help. If they do, stop and do what you can. If you have some roadside assistance benefits, use them to help get their car towed, jumped, or filled up with gas. Don’t let LA turn you into careless passerby, be a good neighbor.

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